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About Kiss Digital

Kiss Digital was founded in 2009 with a main goal to make great and easy accessible software. Everyone should be able to use our products, whether you are a computer geek or a novice user. ‘Kiss’ is the abbreviation for ‘Keeps It Super Simple’, it is the way we look at our products. We use KISS in the way we communicate and in our easy to use user interfaces.

From the moment a project is started, our customers have full insight in the progress of the development. Kiss Digital has extended expertise in SaaS (Software as a Service), software that is easy accessible by a internet connection and a browser. You don't have to install an application or have to worry about software updates. We take care of the hosting, service and of course backups.

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Kiss Digital is situated in an old town house in the city of Utrecht, The Netherlands. The company was founded by Matthijs Dil and Remy Ludo Gieling, two entrepreneurs with passion for technology and automation. Employees and freelancers work here every day to produce new and innovative software products.

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